Exposure Control Plan

It has been a long and challenging road these past several months waiting and wondering what hockey
may look like upon return. What we do know is that many resources like ViaSport, Hockey Canada and
BC Hockey have been working hard to provide guidance so Associations can build a plan for the safe
return to hockey in the Community. It will not be anywhere near what we typically experience, but it is
a start and with a focused approach, continued work, and patience from everyone, we will be able to
build on our initial plan and keep players on the ice.

It is important to understand that at any time the threat of a returning Covid19 Virus becomes too high,
we will always have the health and safety of our membership in mind and could decide or be directed to
pause or cancel operations.

This Covid19 exposure control plan was designed using the guidance documents from Hockey Canada,
ViaSport as well as the CVRD Recreation Facility. The CVRD Covid19 Safety Plan must be read and
followed at all times by CVMHA membership.

These documents can be found on our CVMHA Teamsnap

The purpose of this plan is to outline our reopening plan and provide as much helpful guidance as
possible to make our return to hockey as safe as possible. As the stages of reopening change, so will this
document, so we will all need to be patient as we work through these unusual times.

Players or participants with health conditions that make them more vulnerable to Covid19 i.e., Asthma,
Diabetes, etc. should advise their medical professional of their intent to participate to ensure it is
appropriate and better understand the risks.

At the present time, Hockey Canada has established we are currently in stage 2 or our Transition Period,
which appears to be lasting until September as the chart below describes. As we move through these
various levels working our way to the “New Normal” our experience on and off ice will change with
competitive play resuming at some future point

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